Welcome to the the Polymatheia Project
Welcome to the Polymatheia Project, I pulled together an annotated bibliography of writers on the subject of organizational development. To all of you who have contributed so far, many thanks. I picked the name Polymatheia because she was the goddess of interdisciplinary knowledge and I am an interdisciplinary doctorate student at Washington State University.

I spent the summer of 2014 reading about organizational sociology. The leading authority on this is W. Richard Scott. Two of the professors on my doctorate advisory committee are former students of his. In the preface to his latest book, he says:

"If a naive scholar strides into the maelstrom of institutional / organizational scholarship and research without assistance, he or she will emerge with a migraine if not a conclusion and will be hard pressed to ascertain what the central discussion was, let alone how to productively join the conversation."
How true. Organizational development is drawn from a diverse set of interdisciplinary fields like psychology, management, sociology, political science, communication and anthropology. Hopefully this annotated bibliography will advance the profession.