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Change Management Consultants

Carson & Associates, LLC was established in the Spring of 2017 as an Oregon corporation. Carson & Associates is a boutique consultancy servicing public-sector and non-profit organizations, and specializing in:

(1) Executive Coaching which focuses on individuals working in public-sector leadership positions in government, non-profits and utilities. Mr. Carson’s clientele are drawn from his 30 plus years of networking as a high-level government manager, academic researcher and consultant. Men and women who lead organizations often need someone they can rely on for confidential, individualized consultations regarding personnel questions, career decisions or organizational change decisions.


(2) Consulting Projects which are unique in its types of analysis and ultimate implementation. For example, your project may need experts drawn from the fields of human resources, strategic planning, business process re-engineering, team building or executive coaching. Rather than offering you an in-house team of generalists, Rich can assemble a team of experts who can provide you with state-of-the-art recommendations to create an organizational change that will transform your organization into a top-tier, public-sector leader. This transformation occurs because you will receive a set of tailor-made recommendations, the tools to implement them, and the follow through assistance you need to succeed.

Carson & Associates specialize in undertaking the full range of services needed to complete the three phased, 10-step People Sustained Organizational Change Management  (PSOCM).



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