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Everyone Needs A Hobby



The Book of Change




I have few few hobbies. One of them is the American Revolutionary War. The other two are writing and gardening. I recently spent a summer building a replica of the U.S.S. Philadelphia. It was the first ship commissioned for the newly for United States Navy. It helps that my wife and I are Navy veterans.



I also was a major collector of toy soldiers from the same era. I am sure you can try and read a lot into this, but I am in good company. Both H.G. Wells and Malcolm Forbes collected them. The latter actually built a museum in Tangiers to house his $2.4 million collection. Mine was more modest. I say "was" because I sold most of my collection when I downsized my residence from 4,000 SF to 2,000 SF. It is worth mentioning that the collection was featured in Toy Soldier and Model Figure magazine.

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Our Garden

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